About Us

Professional Health and Medical Care in Full Measure

If you want to develop your own successful business in the field of pharmaceutical formulations along with consultancy and assistance then Parkyd Healthcare is the only place where you want to be. Here is the list of some of the services we provide

  • The naming of new business and processing of framework for lawful registrations following all rules and regulations under the prevailing systems.
  • Naming of products and building marketable brands and assist in registration of trademarks under the provisions of IPR protection.
  • We undertake all your advertising campaigns through Google AdWords, SEO optimized website development, and other media partners in order to appoint Franchise, PCDs and Marketing associates, throughout the globe.
  • Designing visual aids and provide technical literature apart from other promotional material.
  • Designing and printing of attractive packaging material e.g. strips, mono cartons, boxes and labels as a matter of efficient promotion and business boosting.
  • Comprehensive consultancy for business development which includes innovative strategies and new efficient ideas from time to time to remain on the front in competitive environments.
  • All sorts of correspondence with clients and customers on behalf of the company.
  • We are the leading expert in providing medical information and training PCDs / Franchise and company`s marketing staffs for enhanced productivity along with providing educational material for patients in consultation with medical experts.
  • We take care of all your recruitments& selection process of best candidates to fill the vacant positions.
Our Team
  • We have a large group of IT experts who are highly efficient in managing promotional online campaigns and other means of e-commerce
  • Overwhelmingly qualified Graphic Designers and commercial printing partners to take care of all your packaging and advertising needs
  • An expert group of Legal Associates with legal expertise to take care of your intellectual property matters e.g. certifications, trademarks & patents etc.
  • Marketing Experts and Agents, who know the intricacies of marketing and design tailored campaigns for you.
  • Sales Team to launch your product and create a dedicated market for it.
Why Us?

Parkyd Healthcare is the only place where you can get the following services at cheap and competitive price rates.

  • quality assured products
  • on time delivery
  • assistance in naming, branding and trademark registrations
  • awesome Product portfolio development
  • most reliable Marketing consultancy as per the current market status
  • Development of Technical literature and visual aids and much more.